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5 Tips to Save Fuel & Improve a Truck's Fuel Economy

5 Tips to Save Fuel & Improve a Truck's Fuel Economy

Jun 22, 2023 @ 10:46

1. Keep your vehicle well-maintained & serviced regularly.

Service technicians can help identify causes of high fuel consumption such as fuel leaks, brake drag & clogged air filters.

Always use the correct oil as specified by the manufacturer. Oil lubricants help to reduce fricton, missing a service can lead to energy losses, highlighting how important it is to stick to oil service intervals to ensure the engine runs smoothly with minimal energy losses.

2. Choose the right tires & ensure your wheels are aligned correctly.

Under-inflated tyres will increase rolling resistance, increasing tyre wear & fuel consumption. If the front & rear axles are misaligned, this creates higher rolling resistance again increasing both tyre wear & fuel consumption. On a standard tractor unit, this can increase fuel consumption by up to 3% and up to 15% if all trailer axles are also misaligned. Wheel alignment can be checked & corrected by a technician at your next scheduled service.

3. Ensure your vehicle's aerodynamics are optimal.

Adding roof spoilers and deflectors can help to reduce fuel consumption by up to 5% - maximising aerodynamic performance.

4. Be more strategic with route planning & scheduling.

Make use of digital tools and fleet management systems to help plan fleet routes, to ensure trucks are not wasting fuel unnecessarily. Depending on a vehicles weight, a longer but flatter route may require less fuel than a shorter, hilly route. It can also be beneficial to avoid heavy traffic and poor roads as these factors can increase fuel consumption.

5. Inspire & motivate your drivers to drive more efficiently.

Carry out driver training to educate drivers on good driving techniques such as cruise control, gear selection & speed adaption all of which can significantly improve truck fuel consumption. Digital tools can be used to track fuel consumption & identify areas where it can be improved. Build team support for fuel saving efforts by encouraging fuel efficient driving through targets and competitions.

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