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Job Information
Personal Details

Please list the type of post primary schools/colleges attended and give details of examinations passed and other qualifications (including part-time), which may be relevant to this application.

Further Education

Additional Information


Please state below particulars of present and previous employment. Begin with your present employer and work backwards. Indicate all periods of unemployment. Please click 'Add More' if required.

Employer Address

Employer address


Please give the names, present addresses and current occupations of two responsible persons (not relatives or former employees) who have known you for at least two years and would be willing to supply written references.

At least one referee should have a detailed knowledge of your career to date.

Note 1 Appointment will only be confirmed on the receipt of (a) satisfactory references (b) proof of qualifications (original certificates/documents).

Note 2 The employer also reserves the right to take up references with previous employers.

General Information

Driver License Information

Type of Driving Licence held – Standard (L/R/Full) PSV/HGV? (Please state)

Have you any current endorsements for driving offences? *
Have you ever been convicted of a criminal offence (other than a 'spent'* conviction under the rehabilitation of offenders (NI) order 1978)? *
*(For details, refer to the NIO Booklet: ‘Your Way to a Fresh Start’ (1989), or any Citizens Advice Bureau).
Are you the subject of any current or pending investigation? *
If yes - details (including type of offence, date, sentence, fine, etc) are required from you and should be included in a seperate envelope which will only be opened if you are considered for the appointment and will subsequently be returned to you. Such information will be completely confidential.

Notice Period

Please indicate any planned holidays. Subject to operational requirements, we will endeavour to take these into account if appointed to this post.


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NOTE The employer reserves the right to only interview on the basis of information supplied by candidates who meet the criteria: (i) established for the post and /or (ii) as supplied to the candidate.

WARNING An employee found to have knowingly given false or inaccurate information, or to have wilfully failed to disclose any relevant fact, will be dismissed.

DECLARATION I declare that, to the best of my knowledge and belief, all the information recorded in this application form is true.

Monitoring Form

Dennison Commercials Limited are an Equal Opportunities employer. We do not discriminate on grounds of religious belief or political opinion. We practice equality of opportunity in employment and select the best person for the job.

To demonstrate our commitment to equality of opportunity in employment we need to monitor the community background of our employees, as required by the Fair Employment and Treatment (NI) Order 1998.

Regardless of whether we practice religion, most of us in Northern Ireland are seen as either Catholic or Protestant. We are therefore asking you to indicate your community background be ticking the appropriate box below.

Monitoring Form
Could you please indicate whether you are